This is common, don’t worry if you’ve made that mistake. Home All Manufacturers ... Commercial Lawn Mowers. Once you have done so, the first two characters will allow you to determine the year of your tractor by cross-referencing from the table provided by Kubota. No spares available. Check the month of production to gain more information about the tractor. Model: Power: Years: A-15: 15 hp: 1988 - 1992: A-17: 16 hp: 1988 - 1992: A-19: 18 hp: 1988 - … Kubota Tractor Features. The most expensive Kubota Tractor is Kubota MU5501 4WD price at Rs.10.36 Lakh. The 2010 model begins with A, 2011 with B, and so on. For tractors 10 years or older, please contact your dealer for series information. The good news is … New Models Watkins Tractor & Supply Co. Kelso, WA (360) 423-7220 Kubota D1105-E-D16 3 Cyl. Way to go kubota. RTV-X Series Utility Vehicles. The number following LA in the model number tells you kg lift capacity. Add to cart. It’s hard to guess how they might be further on down the road. V, W, X and Y refer to 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000, respectively. 0 Kubota, L3130 Tractor, Specifications: Manufacturer - Kubota Model - L3130 Hours - 799 Serial - 47629 Atachments - Loader Loader Model - LA513 1.5L ... North Texas Equipment - … New Models. Kubota offers a wide range of 10+ tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 21 hp to 55 hp. The joystick controls all functions of the front loader and is ergonomically placed within easy reach. Whereas the L4060 we looked at before is a 40 horsepower Grand L Tractor. The BX1800 and the BX2200 were the very first models of the BX line and are the tractors that started the 1 SEARCH. Add to cart. As for older models, you’ll have to call in and ask. Agricultural Loaders. Kubota offers only a few current series classifications: B, L, and M. Kubota B Series – 20hp to 30hp subcompact tractors designed for lawns and small farms. The basic breakdown of a Kubota Tractor Model Number. Toggle navigation. HST means the tractor has a hydrostatic transmission- a pedal for forward and reverse. Add to cart. Agriculture Agricultural Tractors. The first of these, a number or a letter, identifies the year of production. Kubota Full Tractor Covers fits models L2800, L3400, L3700 Our tractor covers are the best-in-class for craftsmanship, materials and ease of use. Knowing the year will allow for a fairer resale price and aid in buying parts for the tractor. Please provide your Model number and Serial number. We simplify all of our covers to minimize the chance for errors. There is only one variation and that is an X in the model. Add to cart. There is only one variation, which is a X in the model. Tractor and front loader are optimally matched for efficient operation. The second character, a letter, indicates the month of production. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. Compact Agricultural Tractors. The L Series presently has 01 (standard L) and 60 (Grand L- Larger Frame). Find the latest new models from the manufacturers we carry! 4WD means four wheel drive, but also signifies its a standard gear drive tractor. The 6M line of John Deere tractors was updated for model year 2020 in September. The 2010 model begins with A, 2011 with B, and so on. Therefore, a BX tractor is the smallest series, or a small version of the B series and likewise, an MX tractor is the small version of the M Series. Humphreys Outdoor Power give you insight to make your tractor or lawn mower last with best practices to get the most out of your machine. Kubota Tractor Price. Page 1 of 1. If it's 5J, it was made in 2005, and so on. Backhoes are great for digging applications such as trenching or landscaping. Five newly developed front loader models are available for the Kubota M6002. This X signifies that it is a smaller version of the model before it. The BX series from Kubota was the first tractors in their class to combine the performance and versatility of a compact utility tractor with the agility and feel of a garden tractor with Kubota’s legendary durability and reliability. On the rear fender of the L Series and up there are usually 3 letters, 4WD, HST or GST. These tractors were designed for diversified farmers and ranchers looking for a versatile machine. A lot of people only see the loader number on the tractor because the loader covers up the tractor numbers. When it comes to finding the best tractors for farming, Kubota tractor models are one of the best choices. But what about the numbers? Kubota Tractor Corporation 1000 Kubota Drive Grapevine, TX 76051 Used Values Ask A Dealer Notes Utility Vehicles: Kubota ATV values are available from NADA guides from [2020 to 2015] under their section for [Utility Vehicles]. A: There are four steps to interpreting a Kubota model number. These new numbers can be confusing and make you think you need to be a Navajo Code Talker just to understand what you’re looking at. Ease of Use – Designed with plenty of dig depth and reach, smooth hydraulics, and a spacious operator platform, you will find the BH77 and BH92 not only easy to use, but a pleasure to work with. Two cab models and two ROPS models range from 37 to 42 hp. Kubota also offers you a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for the M7003, which you can optionally extend to 5 years with Kubota care. Well that is the high level view of Kubota model numbers as they are right now. Since Kubota first launched its farm tractors in 1960, the “Made-in-Japan” Kubota tractors have always leading the market. Kubota’s flagship range of tractors are renowned for their outstanding performance, versatility and reliability. Take the first two characters in the VIN. Kubota Tractor Corporation pays their marketing department a lot of money to come up new model and series numbers each year. The standard L Series has been 00 or recently 01. New Models. In the 2018 model-year alone, six of the biggest manufacturers produced over 70 models in the compact or sub-compact tractor category. The second character in the VIN is a letter that signifies the month of production. The original tractor in the BX series was the 00 series machines (pictured is BX2200). “Last year, Kubota launched a single unit, the L3560HSTC-LE, based on the market-driven needs for an affordable, deluxe cab. V, W, X and Y refer to 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000, respectively. 2020 Kubota Tractor L3901HST 4wd Trailer Package, Hydrostat, 39hp W/ R-4 INDUSTRIAL TIRES ( NOW $28,599.00 ) Financed, Cash price $500.00 less With a Kubota Loader LA525FL pin on 60" bucket, Land Pride RCR1260 5ft Rotary Cutter with shear … Q: How do I read Kubota model numbers? To take a quick walk through each model here with me and we'll point out some of the differences as this tractor has grown up over the years.. Diesel Engine. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in modern history and politics from Oxford University, as well as a Master of Science in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies from Edinburgh University. For almost 40 years Kubota has offered its world class tractor range to the Australian marketplace. The first number after the letter is the horsepower. Pendulum Spreaders Agricultural Spreaders. Kubota Established in the year 1890, Kubota has become one of the major players in the agricultural industry. Basically it’s LA which stands for Loader, then the lift capacity in kilograms. The L60LE Series of compact tractors from Kubota has been expanded to a total of four models. Tractors. Today, Kubota offers a full selection of products from small to large-sized tractors for diverse applications and scales. Emile Heskey has been a professional writer since 2008, when he began writing for "The Journal" student newspaper. Check the first letter against the key on the Kubota website, if the VIN begins with a letter (see References). Kelley Blue Book also provides blue book values from [2020 to 2004] under their [Utility Vehicles] section. New Models. Model Year. For the purposes in this article we’re defining the category as those tractors with less than 40 horsepower and having a new selling price under $25,000 USD. A maintenance contract helps to protect your investment in the long-term. Kubota tractor models are designed to work in small spaces or handle construction tasks around the farm. Click here to learn the difference between the Grand L and Standard L Series, 10 Stihl Holiday Gift Ideas for your Lumberjack. RTV Series Utility Vehicles. These new numbers can be confusing and make you think you need to be a Navajo Code Talker just to understand what you’re looking at. *Note: All B series tractors have 4WD but most come with a hydrostat transmission. Replica of the first Kubota T15 tractor with its trailer. Model Year. While in 2019-20 tractor sales in India recorded a decline of 15% in the first half of the year due to unusual monsoon and its decline continued in the next half of year due to economic slowdown ... Kubota Tractor Models. KUBOTA L4300DT Auction Results. Model: Power: Years: RV: 9 hp: 1965 - 1970: L260: 26 hp: 1970 - 1976: L200: 21 hp: 1972 - 1973: L210: 21 hp: 1972 - 1973: B5000: 9 hp: 1973 - 1977: B6000: 12 hp: 1973 - 1977: B7000: 14 hp: 1973 - 1977: L175: 17 hp: 1973 - 1976: L225: 24 hp: 1974 - 1976: L285: 30 hp: 1975 - 1981: L1501: 15 hp: 1975 - 1978: L2201: 22 hp: 1975 - 1978: B5001: 9 hp: 1976 - 1979: B6001: 14 hp: 1976 - 1984: B7001: 16 hp: … New Models. The VIN is located on top of the valve, and should be a six-digit series containing letters and numbers. Model Year: 2006 Make: Kubota Model: B7610 Fuel Type: Diesel Engine HP: 24 MPN: B7610HSD-R Transmission: Hydrostatic Equipment Type: Compact Tractor Serial #53940. The model number starts with a letter, which designates which series the tractor belongs to. Kubota Corporation is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer Headquarters in 2-47, Shikitsuhigashi 1-chome, Naniwa-Ku, Osaka 556-8601 Japan which offers Agricultural machinery, Heavy equipment, Engines, and Water treatment systems and was founded in Osaka, Japan on February 1890; 129 years ago by the Gonshiro Kubota. To identify the exact year your Kubota was manufactured, please contact our Customer Satisfaction group . If you have any further question feel free to come in and chat or give us a call! Search for: Product Categories. 1:25 scale. KUBOTA STICKER SHEET $ 4.99 Add to cart. This is where things can get a little tricky, especially if you’ve got an older Kubota. Kubota Tractor Models (M-series) Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo Kubota M1-46: 46 hp (34 kW) Kubota: Kubota M1-55: 55 hp (41 kW) Kubota: Kubota M1-65: 65 hp (48 kW) Kubota: Kubota M1-75: 75 hp (56 kW) Kubota: Kubota M1-85: 85 hp (63 kW) Kubota: Kubota M1-100: 100 hp (75 kW) Kubota: Kubota M1-115: 115 hp (86 kW) Kubota: Kubota M30 series: Kubota Find the VIN by lifting the hood of the tractor. The second character in the VIN is a letter that signifies the month of production. Kubota Tractor Price starts from Rs. Check the month of production to gain more information about the tractor. For the last 10 years the Grand L Series Kubotas have been denoted with 30 a 40 or a 60 after the number. After step 1 we know that the L stands for Kubota’s line of L series tractors. Sort by manufacturer, model, year, price, location, sale date, and more. Aged 14 years and over. The good news is that you don’t have to be. Only 370 Hours!! The BX Series have ended in 50 60 and the most recent are 70. Categories : Sales, Marketing, ... You're continuing to another website that Kubota Tractor Corporation doesn't own or operate. For example, if the VIN begins 3J, the tractor was made in 2003. The M Series is denoted by 60, X, or GX- These are the big 100+ hp tractors. Add 2000 to the number to determine the year of production, if the VIN begins with a number. This is an 40 horse Compact tractor. Your Local Dealer can also assist. Therefore,  a L3901 is a 39 horsepower standard L tractor. So a LA 1154 can lift 1154 kg. First, Kubota has three basic tractor model types –- B, which is an 18-30-hp subcompact tractor; L, which is a 30-60-hp compact tractor; and M, which is a 40-135-hp tractor. The Second number tells us what chassis the tractor is on. The easy way to guess that in lbs. About Kubota Tractors. ... New Kubota Models For Sale. Kubota tractors offer proven quality and performance. 2 Speed 4wd Hydrostatic Transmission. GST means the tractor has a glide shift transmission- a clutch free transmission. KUBOTA M7-171 TRACTOR WITH LOADER 1:32 SCALE MODEL $ 91.74 Add to cart. Residential Lawn Mowers. In this post, we’ll take a look at Kubota Model numbers and break down what they mean and what they can tell you about a specific Kubota tractor. Since this time, the range has continued to evolve, as we respond to the changing needs of our customers and the industry. KUBOTA M135GX TRACTOR 1:32 SCALE MODEL $ 93.49 Add to cart. Kubota Tractor Corporation pays their marketing department a lot of money to come up new model and series numbers each year. The Kubota Tractor Company provides all of its models with a unique vehicle identification number (VIN), which tells you the year and the month of production. Finding the VIN is a simple process. Kubota sales in the last one year. New Models. Check the month against the table on the Kubota website (see References). The B Series ends in 20 and 50, the 50 is the larger chassis. New Models J & I Power Equipment - Olympia Olympia, WA (360) 491-2022. These denote which type of transmission the tractor has. The loader numbers are the easiest to figure out. This family of tractors includes eight cab models that range from 110 to 195 hp. 4.15 Lakh. KUBOTA M7-171 TRACTOR WITH LOADER 1:32 SCALE MODEL $ 91.74 Add to cart. We were lucky enough to have five of the six different variations of Kubota's BX Series tractor all in stock at the same time. After the series letters there are numbers ex L4060. In shop for over 2 weeks and Kubota cannot send a replacement to the dealer because tractor is a new model and all computers are being installed in new builds. Check out our complete range of Kubota compact tractors … is to double the number, so a LA 1154 can lift roughly 2,308 lbs. Maximum lifting capacity can be as much as 2,400 kg. If the VIN is obscured or is not printed in this location, it's also printed either by the oil filter or on the rear of the engine. Kubota MU5501 4wd. KUBOTA M135GX TRACTOR 1:32 SCALE MODEL $ 93.49 Add to cart. (803) 796-7907 ... New Kubota Models For Sale. Performance matched backhoes are built by Kubota and specifically designed to match the performance of the tractor.
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